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    Driving forces under test

    Drive systems are literally the driving forces for providing mechanical kinetic energy. This makes the effectiveness and efficiency of drive motors  increasingly important.

    Since the latest drive technologies become more and more sophisticated, the demands on measuring and testing systems for quality control and further development of devices are growing. These systems are the basis for manufacturing products of high quality and performance and enable development activities at the earliest possible stage.

    Extremely durable

    Modern DC motors (brushless DC motors) demonstrate their power, precision and robustness in various ranges of MOGATEC garden equipment. But before the motors with their essential components such as gears, sensors and controllers get to the customer, they have to endure a lot on a test stand.

    Whether under continuous load in the high or low temperature range, whether with hard impacts or wetness: our drive systems are extremely durable.

    Knowledge under test

    MOGATEC has been using various test stands for validation and verification of certain assemblies for quite some time now. 

    The test stand equipment used for checking individual components and the complete system is usually individually programmed and unique. In addition to the "normal" daily business, a complete test stand has been developed in the MOGATEC department "Functional Development" in order to be able to carry out dynamic tests on complex DC motors during series production. This test stand is designed in such a way that in the future complete load characteristics for DC motors can be newly created or compared with data sheets of the manufacturers.

    In a weekly cycle, battery-powered garden tools with a defined load characteristic undergo an endurance test.

    Talent meets the future at the new testing centre

    One of our students enthusiastically faced the challenges of building up the capacities in our new testing center: Lukas Graubner, student of electrical engineering in the field of automation technology at the University of Cooperative Education in Bautzen, has developed a test stand with intuitively operated test software in order to generate characteristic properties of the test object and to record and evaluate measured values.


    "In the Technical Department of MOGATEC, I quickly became part of the team and was able to try out what I had learned and prove myself in practice. I was given various test assignments and was involved in development projects. The infrastructure for sustainable, instructive work was in place and even as a student I had a certain responsibility for my projects and a say in the team," says Lukas Graubner.

    Dear colleagues, friends and partners, 

    We face the turn of the year with a variety of perspectives for which it is worth pausing and deliberately reflecting on past events. We take the time to look back at the old year, to appreciate decisions from which we have benefited in the long term and to question actions whose effects were unforeseen. With the change of perspective of the new year, there is a fresh start, which gives all of us the opportunity, with courage and new energy, to preserve the tried and tested and to try the unknown. A chance to put a still untouched year with success and after-effect into the right perspective. 

    We look back with gratitude on the past cooperation and are full of positive expectations for an exciting time, which we face together with you in the new year. 

    Most of all, we wish you and your family a successful and healthy year 2020!

    Commissioning of the automated machine park 

    In the course of the expansion of the machinery of our internal CNC parts production, three new fully automatic systems were successfully put into operation.
    Patrick St├╝lpner, head of the CNC parts production department, provides information about the advantages and background of the investment. 

    What has been the scope of enlargement so far? 

    In the course of the current business year, we were able to integrate two grinding and a milling machine into the current production process in addition to a new lathe. We plan to put a fifth machine into operation towards the end of the year. 

    Why does MOGATEC invest in new machines? 

    On the one hand, increasing demand requires an expansion of production capacities, which can be realized by innovative and powerful machines, among other things. On the other hand, the more difficult supply of spare parts as well as the increased maintenance and repair costs of the existing machinery require investments in new machines. 

    What are the advantages of the new machines in daily business? 

    A positive, safe and productive working environment is very important to us. All machines meet this requirement by offering improved ergonomics for the operator and optimized work processes that relieve the strain on the body. A major contribution to this is made, among other things, by the robot, which, for example, fully automatically inserts and removes the parts that are to be grounded. The combination of previously individual work processes saves time and energy in production. With the commissioning of the turning and grinding machines, production planning has become much simpler. The new, modern and faster machines simplify production planning in order to be able to cover the calculated requirements. The modern machinery is met with great interest and enthusiasm by the workers. Various training programs for our employees were necessary for the complex systems. After an introductory phase, we are pleased about the successful integration into the machine park.

    MOGATEC proves to be a healthy company in front of ERZgesund-certification committee 

    As a company that is particularly committed to the health of its employees, MOGATEC has been successfully certified for the "ERZgesund" award. 

    The aim of the network "ERZgesund - Gesunde Unternehmen im Erzgebirge" network (in english: network for healthy companies in the Ore Mountain area) is to harmonise the development of comprehensive overall concepts in the field of occupational health management and occupational health promotion with the corporate philosophy. The Industry and Trade Association Aue" and its project partners support the regional economy and public institutions in introducing and implementing health-oriented measures. 

    Within the framework of this project, a certification procedure was developed to assess the quality and effectiveness of occupational health management in companies. After successful certification, participating companies and public institutions that are committed to health within the company will be awarded the "ERZgesund" award.


    Own photovoltaic system reliably supplies daily company needs and vehicles with renewable energy 

    Just in time for the beginning of the hot summer days and many hours of sunshine, we put our company's own photovoltaic system into operation in July 2019. The possibility to generate energy by solar radiation and to feed it into our own power supply was already prepared with the construction of the roofed parking areas at the beginning of the year. 

    Solar modules integrated into the photovoltaic system, which form the heart of the installation, can generate direct current not only from direct solar radiation, but also from diffuse light, which prevails on cloudy days. Whatever the type of radiation, the built-in semiconductor cells convert any light into a voltage thanks to their simple mode of operation, thereby generating an electric current that is fed into the company's own system and used by various end users. Any excess energy is also fed into the electricity system of the electricity suppliers. 

    Thanks to the output of up to 380kW pure green electricity per hour, which the system generates exclusively from solar energy, we can make a major contribution to environmental protection and sustainability on the one hand and save energy costs on the other. Another advantage of our photovoltaic carport, in addition to the CO2-neutral electricity generated, is the weather-protected parking of various vehicles. There are also appropriate parking spaces available for electric vehicles, where you can refuel with solar electricity generated by yourself at low cost thanks to the attached charging stations. 

    These charging columns are used to charge our 100% electrically powered company car, which recently expanded our fleet. In addition to guests and suppliers, our employees also have the opportunity to recharge their e-cars with sustainably produced green electricity. 

    For us as a modern and progressive company, environmental protection and sustainability are always in the focus of our actions in addition to quality and efficiency. We are proud and happy to be able to pursue and implement these values with the new carport construction and the groundbreaking photovoltaic system as well as the innovative electric vehicle.