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    On October 19, 2022, regional manufacturing specialists, developers and solution providers met in Aue to network and start cooperations.

    It was already the 16th edition of the renowned event, to which the Economic Development Erzgebirge, the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, the district government and the Regional Management Erzgebirge had invited.

    For years, the ''Kooperationsbörse Zulieferindustrie'' (Cooperation Exchange of Supplier Industry) has been an expression of the good supra-regional networking of the business location Erzgebirge with its neighboring regions.

    Mogatec presented its wide range of services as a manufacturer of garden technology, as a development partner as well as a partner for services around device testing and in the field of cable assembly.

    The close exchange with research and development partners of the industry as well as with representatives from the core industries relevant for us – metal processing, electrical engineering, plastics and cardboard manufacturing – brought a multitude of new contacts and business approaches.

    In addition to endurance and load tests for engine and transmission assemblies, the modernly equipped test center also makes it possible to carry out switching tests and approval tests under specific climatic conditions. The resulting waste heat is used effectively to heat office and work rooms.  A special wet room is used for testing various devices that work with liquid media, such as sprayers or pumps. The customer can define process parameters to be recorded for a test, which are entered centrally in a database.  Another technological feature is available in the form of a climatic chamber, which simulates the extreme climatic conditions worldwide on the test object. 

    The expansion by a test center, which is profitable for the development department, offers completely new possibilities in the development process of our products. Thanks to the new facilities, the employees are able to demonstrably meet the high standards in a process-optimized and modern workplace.



    Our commitment in the Ore Mountains

    The region of the Ore Mountains: this is where Mogatec comes from. As a large company, making a contribution to the growth of the region is a matter close to our heart. We do this above all out of belief as well as enthusiasm, and in the process continue to build our dynamic image in the region. In various areas of public life, we can lend a hand and create opportunities to move the region forward. In doing so, we are always fascinated by the diverse interests and motivation of the people of the Ore Mountains and our employees.

    With sponsorships in a variety of areas, we can contribute to the existence of small clubs: FV Venusberg 90 e.V. presents us on its home jerseys, and we also provided part of the new equipment for the juniors of VfB Annaberg 09 e.V.. SG Auerbach/Hormersdorf e.V. and FSV 95 Scharfenstein-Großolbersdorf e.V. benefit from sponsoring partnerships with Mogatec.

    A special combination is embodied by the Mountainbike Initiative Shrederz e.V. Here, not only the sport comes first, but also the love for nature: the forest is cleared of trash and legal mountain bike trails are prepared. Equipment from Mogatec is used in the process. We also support other cycling enthusiasts: Mogatec is represented on the competition clothing of the cyclists from Team ProCycle e.V. and RSV 54 Venusberg e.V.. 

    At the Olympic base of the WSC Erzgebirge Oberwiesenthal, young athletes train for a spot on the winners' podium. As the prime sponsor for Team Biathlon 2023, we support young athletes from WSV Oberhof. Maybe one or the other has discovered our company logo in linked with the biathlete Justus Strelow, who is sponsored by us?

    An event that has become unmissable: The Getzen Rodeo in October was once again an international spectacle. As in previous years, we provided the event with parking spaces on the factory site, electricity, water and organizational support.

    For all of those who like it more relaxed got their costs at the Gassenlauf Großrückerswalde or the Burgen- & Landschaftslaufs of the TSV Zschopau - both runs where we presented ourselves as a main sponsor.

    There is absolutely no doubt that sports play a dominant role in our sponsorship portfolio. At the same time, we do not lose track of social and cultural projects and support them with the fullest possible commitment. We sponsored a trip to the Stockhausen playground for the preschool group of the Sonnenstrahl Drebach Lutheran daycare center. The children of the Grießbacher daycare Getzenknirpse can count on our active sponsorship. We were also happy to support the after-school care center of the KiTa Kunterbunt Gelenau, the Kinderwelt Erzgebirge or the high school graduates of Gymnasium Zschopau in various ways.

    A very special matter to us is the support of the associations that take care of those who cannot help themselves:

    Kinderhilfe für Siebenbürgen e.V.
    On the edge of society, the association creates a foundation for education, health and integration.

    Lukas‘ Stern e.V.
    We help to ensure that seriously ill people can have their most desired wish fulfilled.

    Elternverein krebskranker Kinder e.V.
    The association lives above all through the many dedicated people who work in the most diverse ways to support seriously ill children and their families.

    We also respond to short-term appeals for donations: the consequences of the tornado in the Czech Republic were severe. Our help for reconstruction arrived and will be a ray of hope for the families in a new beginning.

    Art, culture and music are reflected in the sponsorship package: for several years now, we have been sponsoring young musicians from the Sächsische Mozartgesellschaft. 

    Be it sports, social issues, education or culture - through a broadly based donations and sponsorship portfolio, we demonstrate our commitment and underline our ties to the Erzgebirge region.



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    Mogatec GmbH

    For 20 years, our company name MOGATEC Moderne Gartentechnik GmbH had accompanied us through ups and downs, successes and challenges, growth and economic crises. We have not only expanded in terms of space or staff, but also grown with the constantly increasing demands of the world market. Chain saws, hedge and grass trimmers have been with us from the very beginning: Equipment that continues to enable us to grow economically and invest in advanced technology and future-oriented visions.

    The addition Modern Garden Technology is an essential part of our history. However, it does no longer cover all fields of our competences. By establishing Mogatec in new industries and markets, we are creating a basis to further exploit our potential - we are securing our stable position in a well-known market and establishing ourselves in new areas which extend beyond the production of gardening equipment. A state-of.the-art in-house testing center, involvement in regional networks and partnerships in trendsetting e-mobility projects: the phrase Modern Garden Technology (translated from German: Moderne Gartentechnik) has long since ceased to do justice to these fields that we are active in. Because we are experts in more than just gardening equipment - and this will from now on also be indicated in our company name. The company known to you as MOGATEC Moderne Gartentechnik GmbH will be renamed to Mogatec GmbH with immediate effect.

    Major goal combines benefit and optimization

    From idea to finalization: From construction projects visible from the outside, such as the modern reception area with inviting seating, to the covered parking areas with photovoltaic system, to the modern Mogatec testing center - a lot has changed within the last 2 years. Construction projects inside the company complex were not neglected either.

    What primarily serves to expand the storage area will be combined with modern working conditions and sustainable power generation at Mogatec company: with the start of construction of the new logistics building in April 2021, we are once again a step closer to realizing the investment package.

    The new logistics building is scheduled for completion at the end of 2021, extending the usable area by 1,100m².

    Additional loading ramps will then be available not only for large trucks, but a ramp specially designed for small vans from regional suppliers will also be added to the goods receiving area. With the construction of the logistics building, efficiently designed loading ramps and an expanded goods receiving zone, we are achieving a reduction in loading times - a benefit for both employees and suppliers. The combination of modern technology and more space eases workflows and at the same time reduces the risk of accidents. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the logistics building gives us the opportunity to generate energy from solar power and feed it into our own power supply.


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