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    Despite the current challenging market conditions, we are once again focusing on sustainable growth this year and investing in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. An important step in this direction is the acquisition of a highly automated production line for the finishing of our hedge trimmer blades.

    This investment underlines our strategy of focusing on quality and efficiency, even in times of economic uncertainty. The future use of a sharpening robot will not only increase production capacity, but also improve precision and consistency in the manufacture of our products.

    This reflects our long-term vision of using innovation and technology as driving forces for the continued success of our company.

    Training as the key to a sustainable future

    We not only focus on the further development of our production technology, but also invest heavily in training new professionals. This year, we are also acquiring new machines that will support the training of our newcomers. This enables us not only to impart theoretical knowledge, but also to pass on practical skills at the highest level to the next generation of specialists.

    It is particularly important to us that our trainees not only learn techniques, but also develop a profound understanding of the basic principles of mechanical engineering. We are convinced that well-trained new professionals are the driving force behind our further development.

    Preserving the tried and tested, creating something new - this is where we see the success of our collaboration.
    In the consistent further development of our long-term and close partnership, we became part of the STIHL family of companies in 2023.

    The close relationship laid a solid foundation for the future of our company and an important foundation for further growth.
    Despite the difficult economic conditions and the large number of extraordinary events, we can look back on a successful annual balance.
    We would like to thank all partners, friends and every single employee for the fantastic cooperation, which we would like to continue.

    Now we are already in the new, certainly moving year 2024 and wish you, our partners and us a successful year!

    Mogatec GmbH and STIHL belong together – now officially as well. After almost 30 years of trusting partnership, the family-owned company STIHL has acquired a majority stake of 75.1 percent in Mogatec GmbH, a garden technology specialist based in Drebach. In the coming years, STIHL will gradually take over the remaining Mogatec shares.

    Dr. Nikolas Stihl, STIHL Advisory Board and Supervisory Board Chairman, emphasizes, "With an experienced specialist like Mogatec, STIHL is expanding its development and manufacturing competencies, especially in the growth market of batteries."

    Martin Schwarz, STIHL Board Member for Production and Materials Management, adds, "The fact that Mogatec's employees are now officially part of the STIHL family is a logical development of our close partnership. With this step, we are strengthening the international STIHL production network and laying an important foundation for further growth, including in Saxony. I look forward to the continued journey together of STIHL and Mogatec."

    Finally, Alexander Gränitz, Managing Director of Mogatec GmbH, added: "We are also delighted to be a part of the STIHL family now. We would like to extend a very warm "Thank You" to our great employees who have made Mogatec very successful over many years. We are looking forward to the new tasks."

    Another extraordinary and intense year lies behind us and there seems to be no end in sight to the current issues. Nevertheless, we would like to take the contemplative time between the years as an opportunity to thank all those who have contributed with their expertise and commitment to successfully mastering the challenges of the past year. Full of gratitude for your trust, the pleasant cooperation and for the personal togetherness, we look forward optimistically to the new business year.

    We wish all our business partners and friends a successful start in 2023 and are already looking forward to continuing our good cooperation.

    On October 19, 2022, regional manufacturing specialists, developers and solution providers met in Aue to network and start cooperations.

    It was already the 16th edition of the renowned event, to which the Economic Development Erzgebirge, the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, the district government and the Regional Management Erzgebirge had invited.

    For years, the ''Kooperationsbörse Zulieferindustrie'' (Cooperation Exchange of Supplier Industry) has been an expression of the good supra-regional networking of the business location Erzgebirge with its neighboring regions.

    Mogatec presented its wide range of services as a manufacturer of garden technology, as a development partner as well as a partner for services around device testing and in the field of cable assembly.

    The close exchange with research and development partners of the industry as well as with representatives from the core industries relevant for us – metal processing, electrical engineering, plastics and cardboard manufacturing – brought a multitude of new contacts and business approaches.