We really like biathlon

And so we look forward to accompany young sportsmen along their path to success as a sponsor.

On this occasion, a VW Caddy was designed to the theme of “Biathlon”. Since summer, the Caddy is a flagship of sponsoring when driving on the European roads. 

Good luck to the biathlon team in view of pre-season preparation and a lot of success for the competitive season 2017/18!

The time has finally come
On September, 18th, 2017, the first cut of the spade for our entrance wing will be made. Our head office in Drebach is going to get a new face! We are really delighted being able to welcome our guests there in spring 2018.

We would like to grow with you. 

We also do participate as an exhibitor at the educational fair in Annaberg-Buchholz on September, 09th, and in Marienberg (booth: 68) on September, 23rd, 2017. The program is very diverse and ranges from dual curriculum in various degree courses, which we are offering as a practice partner in collaboration with different academies in Saxony, to a solid apprenticeship in commercial, handicraft and logistical occupations. We provide a colorful selection of interesting future prospects in our company. 

Don’t let the grass grow referring your choice of occupation – we are looking forward to seeing you!

Dear visitors

Hooray, it is midsummer! Juicy apples are waiting for hungry mouths, damsons and plums ripen and rowan berries turn into red. Hedge clippers, lawn mowers and grass trimmers are working high speed. It is the most wonderful time in the garden. In the evening, one sits together on the terraces or enjoys a barbecue in cheerful company. Conviviality, family, get-together. Make yourself comfortable in a deckchair und maybe relish our new webpage. We are glad to present you a revised, user-friendly layout. Photo shootings in our production facilities, which were made with care and attention to detail, give you insights into our manufacturing processes. From now on, you will find up-to-date information about MOGATEC in this blog. Because one thing is for sure: Next year your garden will certainly become more beautiful than this year …


We are celebrating our 25th anniversary of the company together with our employees at the Leipzig Lakes.