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From Yesterday until Today


Looking Back

Mr Müller and Mr Sander set up their company, Mechanische Werkstätten GmbH: Metal and Wood Processing (Venusberg), on the premises of the former Venusberg Fine Spinning Mill. The war has just ended, and scraps of wood and metal are used to make panelled handcarts, urgently needed for private households. One of the founders also makes hand drills and bit braces for the Trade Fair in Leipzig. 

Alongside the Type 1 drill, a switchable double-threaded hand drill now enters production. 

Production starts to pick up. The first grinders are even exported to China. 

Business focuses increasingly on manufacturing hand tools. The wood processing stops completely.

The company is renamed Mechanische Werkstätten Venusberg GmbH: Metal Processing (Ehrenfriedersdorf/Erzgebirge). It moves into buildings vacated by the old Friedel stocking factory in Ehrenfriedersdorf. 

Herbert Müller KG: Metal Processing (Ehrenfriedersdorf/Erzgebirge) is established as a limited partnership, the only company in the German Democratic Republic making hand drills and grinders. Mechanische Werkstätten Venusberg GmbH is dissolved. 

The limited partnership becomes a state-owned enterprise: VEB Mechanik Ehrenfriedersdorf. 

Launch of the first hedge trimmer with 360W power.
Exported to IKRA in West German.

In the wake of German unification, company assets are hived off into a job retention vehicle by the Treuhand receivers. 

Reinhard H. Jachmann, the owner of Ikra GmbH, founds MOGATEC GmbH & Co in Ehrenfriedersdorf with 15 employees. They start by producing hedge trimmers, soon to be followed by chain saws. 

The stitching shed at the old Panther shoe factory provides a new home for the business. At this spacious site on Max-Wenzel-Strasse in Ehrenfriedersdorf, five million deutschmarks are turned over during the first year after the take-over.


The product range expands. The steadily growing team begins to make state-of-the-art grass trimmers. 

In Hilmersdorf, on the slopes of the Ore Mountains, the company acquires another site at the former Panther shoe factory. This results in a second production hall. Capacity is increasing. 

The Hilmersdorf site expands to include a 600 m² warehouse.


The purchase of the former DKK Scharfenstein refrigerator compressor works in Griessbach heralds a gradual relocation of all company units. 

MOGATEC GmbH & Co is renamed MOGATEC Moderne Gartentechnik GmbH. 

The SME acquires a licence for “Tonino Lamborghini”. A range of high-quality garden tools is successfully launched under this name. 

Another product line is successfully established in the market under the name “Flexo Trim”. 

Component manufacturing is the last unit to transfer from Ehrenfriedersdorf to Drebach.

The roll-out of the “Ultralight” hedge trimmers lays the foundations for a new product generation. 

Steady growth prompts the relocation of the Service and Repairs Department back to Ehrenfriedersdorf. 

By now MOGATEC Moderne Gartentechnik GmbH has an average payroll of 215 employees and annual sales of 44 million euros. 

In June MOGATEC Moderne Gartentechnik GmbH celebrates 25 years with its silver jubilee.

Quality and energy saving: MOGATEC Moderne Gartentechnik GmbH starts into a green future by successfully certificating according to the ISO 500001 requirements.

We use large-scale photovoltaic systems (PV) for generation of sustainable solar energy, thus making an important contribution to climate protection. The enormous solar potential supplies "green energy" to our company and can also "refuel" our company vehicles.

The assembly of stranded wires with automated wire cutting and stripping machines has been added as a further business area of the company. According to individual requirements, we produce sample series, single cables and process specific large orders as sophisticated complete solutions.

A test center with comprehensive mechanical and technological testing facilities has been opened:
In air-conditioned test cabins, we can extensively test in-house developments and customer devices throughout the entire development process. This investment reinforces our classic service portfolio and is an integral part of our innovative offers. The expansion of our testing capacities is our response to the increased demands on quality.

MOGATEC Moderne Gartentechnik GmbH is renamed to Mogatec GmbH.
A modern in-house test center, commitment to regional networks and cooperation in forward-looking e-mobility projects set the course for a start in new areas that extend beyond the production of gardening tools.