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Together we are strong

Together, we have overcome the year 2020. 
At the beginning of the new year, we would like to take a moment and look back at what we would not have achieved without your help.

Together we are strong. Particularly in 2020, we could feel the truth of these words.
Despite the global changes, we were able to maintain job security for our employees. 
We were able to give our suppliers and service providers a perspective despite the fact that they have lost business in many areas. 
We also helped our customers fulfill their delivery obligations and satisfy their customer needs. 
All this was possible only because we acted together!
Many thanks for this!

The many and varied prospects of the new year are reason enough to optimistically look forward to the still young year.
We wish that you stay (or become) healthy, experience many beautiful things, achieve the goals you have set for yourself and enjoy every day of your life.