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Mogatec GmbH

For 20 years, our company name MOGATEC Moderne Gartentechnik GmbH had accompanied us through ups and downs, successes and challenges, growth and economic crises. We have not only expanded in terms of space or staff, but also grown with the constantly increasing demands of the world market. Chain saws, hedge and grass trimmers have been with us from the very beginning: Equipment that continues to enable us to grow economically and invest in advanced technology and future-oriented visions.

The addition Modern Garden Technology is an essential part of our history. However, it does no longer cover all fields of our competences. By establishing Mogatec in new industries and markets, we are creating a basis to further exploit our potential - we are securing our stable position in a well-known market and establishing ourselves in new areas which extend beyond the production of gardening equipment. A state-of.the-art in-house testing center, involvement in regional networks and partnerships in trendsetting e-mobility projects: the phrase Modern Garden Technology (translated from German: Moderne Gartentechnik) has long since ceased to do justice to these fields that we are active in. Because we are experts in more than just gardening equipment - and this will from now on also be indicated in our company name. The company known to you as MOGATEC Moderne Gartentechnik GmbH will be renamed to Mogatec GmbH with immediate effect.