Motor test stand

Driving forces under test

Drive systems are literally the driving forces for providing mechanical kinetic energy. This makes the effectiveness and efficiency of drive motors  increasingly important.

Since the latest drive technologies become more and more sophisticated, the demands on measuring and testing systems for quality control and further development of devices are growing. These systems are the basis for manufacturing products of high quality and performance and enable development activities at the earliest possible stage.

Extremely durable

Modern DC motors (brushless DC motors) demonstrate their power, precision and robustness in various ranges of MOGATEC garden equipment. But before the motors with their essential components such as gears, sensors and controllers get to the customer, they have to endure a lot on a test stand.

Whether under continuous load in the high or low temperature range, whether with hard impacts or wetness: our drive systems are extremely durable.

Knowledge under test

MOGATEC has been using various test stands for validation and verification of certain assemblies for quite some time now. 

The test stand equipment used for checking individual components and the complete system is usually individually programmed and unique. In addition to the "normal" daily business, a complete test stand has been developed in the MOGATEC department "Functional Development" in order to be able to carry out dynamic tests on complex DC motors during series production. This test stand is designed in such a way that in the future complete load characteristics for DC motors can be newly created or compared with data sheets of the manufacturers.

In a weekly cycle, battery-powered garden tools with a defined load characteristic undergo an endurance test.

Talent meets the future at the new testing centre

One of our students enthusiastically faced the challenges of building up the capacities in our new testing center: Lukas Graubner, student of electrical engineering in the field of automation technology at the University of Cooperative Education in Bautzen, has developed a test stand with intuitively operated test software in order to generate characteristic properties of the test object and to record and evaluate measured values.

"In the Technical Department of MOGATEC, I quickly became part of the team and was able to try out what I had learned and prove myself in practice. I was given various test assignments and was involved in development projects. The infrastructure for sustainable, instructive work was in place and even as a student I had a certain responsibility for my projects and a say in the team," says Lukas Graubner.