Commissioning of the automated machine park 

In the course of the expansion of the machinery of our internal CNC parts production, three new fully automatic systems were successfully put into operation.
Patrick St├╝lpner, head of the CNC parts production department, provides information about the advantages and background of the investment. 

What has been the scope of enlargement so far? 

In the course of the current business year, we were able to integrate two grinding and a milling machine into the current production process in addition to a new lathe. We plan to put a fifth machine into operation towards the end of the year. 

Why does MOGATEC invest in new machines? 

On the one hand, increasing demand requires an expansion of production capacities, which can be realized by innovative and powerful machines, among other things. On the other hand, the more difficult supply of spare parts as well as the increased maintenance and repair costs of the existing machinery require investments in new machines. 

What are the advantages of the new machines in daily business? 

A positive, safe and productive working environment is very important to us. All machines meet this requirement by offering improved ergonomics for the operator and optimized work processes that relieve the strain on the body. A major contribution to this is made, among other things, by the robot, which, for example, fully automatically inserts and removes the parts that are to be grounded. The combination of previously individual work processes saves time and energy in production. With the commissioning of the turning and grinding machines, production planning has become much simpler. The new, modern and faster machines simplify production planning in order to be able to cover the calculated requirements. The modern machinery is met with great interest and enthusiasm by the workers. Various training programs for our employees were necessary for the complex systems. After an introductory phase, we are pleased about the successful integration into the machine park.