Major goal combines benefit and optimization

From idea to finalization: From construction projects visible from the outside, such as the modern reception area with inviting seating, to the covered parking areas with photovoltaic system, to the modern Mogatec testing center - a lot has changed within the last 2 years. Construction projects inside the company complex were not neglected either.

What primarily serves to expand the storage area will be combined with modern working conditions and sustainable power generation at Mogatec company: with the start of construction of the new logistics building in April 2021, we are once again a step closer to realizing the investment package.

The new logistics building is scheduled for completion at the end of 2021, extending the usable area by 1,100m².

Additional loading ramps will then be available not only for large trucks, but a ramp specially designed for small vans from regional suppliers will also be added to the goods receiving area. With the construction of the logistics building, efficiently designed loading ramps and an expanded goods receiving zone, we are achieving a reduction in loading times - a benefit for both employees and suppliers. The combination of modern technology and more space eases workflows and at the same time reduces the risk of accidents. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the logistics building gives us the opportunity to generate energy from solar power and feed it into our own power supply.